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David Kashi

David Kashi/MEDILL

Many places welcome the modern-day gold rush made possible by hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, deep in the earth’s shale formations. But the rush is on in some states to develop regulations for the controversial extraction method.
Erin Massey

Erin Massey/MEDILL

Cars retrofitted with solar panels might extend the gas-free drive of an electric car but a solar retrofit for your garage can mean free electric power to fully charge the car battery in the first place.

Lisa Weidenfeld

Lisa Weidenfeld/MEDILL

Calculating your carbon footprint can be the first step in cutting it down to size. Carbon dioxide is one of the key fossil fuel emissions contributing to climate change. And 20 pounds of it is generated by burning a single gallon of gasoline. How do you keep count? That’s where apps come in.
Lorena Villa Parkman

Lorena Villa Parkman/MEDILL

Locavores – people rushing to the farmers market for bags of locally-grown kale, mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes – are helping the environment as well as their nutrition.
Carly Helfand

Carly Helfand/MEDILL

A new power aggregation plan will help residents and small businesses in an affluent lakefront suburb of Chicago to save hundreds on their electricity bills over the coming year. The deal also offers the residents of Wilmette, Ill.,the opportunity to opt for power from renewable energy sources.
Kalle Eko

Kalle Eko/MEDILL

Less than two months before two pollution-prone power plants are set to close in Chicago, almost nothing about the future of the plant sites is settled.